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"While I was at Florida State University I took three semesters of Italian, two of which were with Diana. I enjoyed my first class with Diana so much, that I made sure to schedule my next semester with Diana as well. My major required only two semesters of a language but Diana made it so intriguing that I decided to enroll in Italian III, I even looked into getting a minor in Italian! I could not have asked for a nicer teacher. She makes sure that everyone is up to speed with the material and takes time to work with you. I always felt comfortable when approaching Diana with a question. She was always more than willing to help with any issue. I would highly recommend Diana as an Italian tutor to anyone!" -Dannielle O.

"I attended an Intro To Italian class at Moraine Valley Community College to prepare for a family vacation to Italy for 10 days. After completing the class, i gained conversational knowledge on greetings, food, traveling, money and other various Italian customs. Diana was extremely knowledgeable about the language and made the course an extremely fun learning experience. I would highly recommend her as an instructor, along with your own trip to Europe as well!" -Andrea C.

"Diana was my Italian I professor at Florida State University and I highly recommend her as an instructor! I took her course the semester before studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and found that I was able to dialogue well due to her wonderful instruction. Diana made every class both exciting and challenging, and I looked forward to learning in her class every day!" - Mallory W. 

"I took Italian II with Diana at Florida State in my senior year. After just four months, I knew I wanted to keep studying Italian, study abroad, and pursue a Master's degree in Italian language and literature. Now I am a second-year Master's student studying Italian and I owe everything to her for having been so influential when I was in undergrad! Diana is a wonderful teacher -- she gives clear examples and is so nice to everyone. Being in class with her was always such a positive experience that really helped to foster my love of the Italian language. It's unfortunate that I wasn't able to take more classes with her... I would recommend Diana to anyone!" -Samantha G.

"I had Diana for a professor at Florida State for three semesters because I knew I needed to enroll in her sections after I learned so much the first semester! She really is an incredible teacher that will match the pace of a student's learning and will really try to explain things in as many ways as possible. She is great at providing a judgment-free learning environment and at making you feel comfortable while trying to tackle speaking, reading, and writing Italian. Her learning exercises always apply the material in ways really beneficial to learning and understanding the language, especially with the sometimes tricky grammar rules. You really couldn't put your money towards a better Italian tutor in my opinion!" -Sophie C.

"Prior to taking Diana’s Elementary Italian course at Florida State University; I struggled with learning the language in a different class. After having a great experience in Diana’s Elementary Italian course, I registered for her Italian I and Italian II courses, as well. In fact, almost every student from my Italian I course continued on to take her Italian II course, because she was that good! Diana provided a comfortable and exciting environment that made learning a foreign language fun! Her teaching style allowed students to learn at their own pace, without feeling discouraged. Her ability to teach some of the more complicated aspects with ease —such as writing and conjugation, are a few of the reasons I enjoyed Diana’s class. Whether you are looking to learn the basics for a trip, or want to learn Italian fluently, I highly recommend Diana as a tutor. She will not only teach you the language, but about Italian culture, as well." -Chelsey B.

"Diana was my Italian teacher while I attended FSU and she is a great teacher. She is very enthusiastic and loves to work with the students. She has some great ways to keep the students intrigued and eager to learn. I was a special case, as I studied abroad in Italy and then took her class. I realized that there was more that I needed to understand, and I got it in her class!! I highly recommend anyone to take her class, whether a beginner, or advanced she will help you excel." -Chase L.

"Last summer, my mother, sister and I enrolled in Diana's Intro to Italian Class. We wanted to learn basics for our upcoming trip to Italy. We ended up learning way more than i expected. Diana is an excellent tutor. She finds different ways to get every student in her class involved and excited about learning Italian. It is very easy to see how much she loves teaching and how much she loves speaking Italian/Italy in general. I would highly recommend Diana for a tutor!!" -Kaitlin C.

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